I received these screenshots, via email, of comments posted to the Revenge site, which never appeared on that site. The person who sent this seems very annoyed by the deletion and Bingman’s attitude, and he wants them posted for the record. I completely understand that annoyance, so here are TrueIT’s screenshots.

It demonstrates that Bingman is lying when he claims his site is about free speech or truth.

There wasn’t much context provided for TrueIT’s remarks (feel free to correct me, TrueIT). The posts appear to be in response to “crookedcountycrooks” attempts to explain IP addresses, and how Bingman misinterprets them:


Palmer Stephens tied directly to Gerry Hough from GSC is the HACKER doing the dirty deed for HUFF, Corcoran and HOUGH!!

OH my my Cassandra HUFF and Dave Corcoran really stepped on their dicks this time and trying to blame somebody else for what they were caught doing, but to fake publish the dirty


Just ask around and they will tell you. Even your own people will tell you that you are fucked!

Because they know if I latch on to you … I will latch on to you like a pit bull and never let go until I have had my way with you six ways to Sunday!

Now that sounds like some god damn nice plans for the weekend!!


Post 1

Comment #1 (never posted on Revenge)

The second post seems to be a direct reply to Bingman (“crookedcountycrooks”). This wasn’t posted on Revenge either.

Comment 2

Second comment (never posted on Revenge)

Bingman didn’t like TrueIT’s comments very much, so he deleted them, but left his own replies to the (now) missing comments. Bingman appeared to be arguing with someone. Now we know who.

Thank you, TrueIT.

We already know that Bingman edits (or deletes) any comments that don’t flatter him, and this is a great example.

Anyone can post their comments somewhere here instead of the Revenge site. Just include some direct quotes (or a link to the comment) so that everyone knows what you’re referring to. It might get delayed if you include links (that’s a WordPress thing), but we’ll approve it very quickly, exactly as you wrote it.